The VitalSource Resource

The VitalSource Resource

Post-Rush Courseware Results

How We’ve Enhanced the Sampling Experience for Publisher Partners

Making OER Easy

The student view: Digital makes learning possible

The Next Chapter for Acrobatiq

We're Better Together

Tips for Teaching with Bookshelf

Op-ed: The villain cheating students and faculty

Fresno State saves big with successful Inclusive Access pilot

Op-ed: Consider Access and Quality when Developing Free Digital Textbooks

Increasing retention with tools that fit the needs of modern students

We have updated our privacy policy

Best Practices for Integrating Digital Materials Into Your Course

Study finds two-thirds of students feel more confident in what they learn with eTextbooks

Washington Post explores the revolution in college course materials

Supporting the accessibility community through a time of change

Supporting your course lifecycle with VitalSource

Celebrating Campus Store Success

The Caliper Transformation

Teaming Up to Address Affordability and Access

Measuring what students gain from attending university

Goodbye Dash, Hello EPUB!

VitalSource Content Studio: We were busy in 2017!

VitalSource Bridge helps get content to the right people at the right time

New for 2018: Flashcards!

VitalSource’s 2017 Banner Year

Easy access to digital tools to support student success

How we do community service at VitalSource

Widening student participation through technology

Intrepid Learning joins the VitalSource team

5 Ways To Get Involved In Your Community

Add Content to Your Course with One Click

Accessibility in higher ed requires all hands on-deck

The value of Bookshelf: A student perspective

Understand Student Engagement with the Instructor Dashboard

To strengthen offerings to campus stores, Hayes joins VitalSource

Navigating the road to maturity

Meeting the needs of today's student

On the road to digital maturity

Set your students up for day-one success!

eBooks changed my life. No, really.

To buy or not to buy: the student course material quandary

University of Missouri System taking great strides toward access, affordability

Let’s improve access and affordability for all students

5 Key Questions to Ask Before Creating Digital First Content

Inclusive Access program sees boost in student success

Share, socialize, and stop reading in a vacuum!

Data-Driven Content Insights for Publishers

Deploying tech for the modern student

Connect Portal Makes Inclusive Access Easy for Students

Carrera Talks Tech with Neil Hughes

How do you protect your training content?

Surprising barriers to college attendance and success

What Learners Want

VitalSource in South Africa: University Partners and Jaws

Aim4Knowledge finds comprehensive solution with VitalSource Content Studio

The Iceberg Underneath the Tip

Our Mission: Affordability and Access

The Right Information at the Right Time

VitalSource growing Latin American team

Learning: Harnessing the power of mobile

Lover of print? Still no reason not to go digital first

Power use and customize your Bookshelf experience using Labs

Training solutions for a digital world

Math Notation Adds Up

Publish to Bookshelf

Cut down on student distractions with Assigned Readings

How to be Accessible

Uptime Availability to the Nines

Effectiveness and success: two big words when applied to education

To further support college stores, VitalSource Intends to Acquire Verba

Wikipedia look up now available on Bookshelf

Because you asked, OneNote integration

Understanding Higher Ed Technology in the UK

The People Behind VitalSource

Hinds Community College and VitalSource Access

Accessibility & VitalSource - Part 2

Accessibility & VitalSource - Part I

What would happen if learning materials were provided to all students on or before the first day of class? Part II

What would happen if learning materials were provided to all students on or before the first day of class? Part 1

What's New with VitalSource Bookshelf

Students Prefer Interactive Study Tools Over Traditional

Students Delaying or Avoiding Course Material Purchases; Grades Suffer as a Result

Students are Disappointed with Classroom Technology

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