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Al Issa

Al Issa is the chief technology officer for VitalSource. In this role, Al leads the engineering team at VitalSource, which oversees the research, development, testing, and operations of the company's software systems. Prior to coming to VitalSource, Al held leadership roles at, Bell Laboratories, Medfusion, SITA, Flashpoint Technologies, and other leading companies.

Listed as an inventor on several U.S. patents, he received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Florida International University and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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The Iceberg Underneath the Tip

Posted by Al Issa on June 06, 2017

Putting digital educational materials in front of a student is now an important part of the education landscape. It’s taken for granted. But, delivering material to students is only the visible tip of the iceberg, and just like the tip, there’s a lot underneath the tip which supports the student, course creator, instructor, publisher and institution to help successfully deliver those services.

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Uptime Availability to the Nines

Posted by Al Issa on March 01, 2017

Students consume data around the clock—that’s no secret. They take it as a given that any of their devices can be used for the same function, the app is installed and functioning correctly, and the content will be there for them anytime they want.

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