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Scott Gaspar is VitalSource’s Director of Product Management. Prior to joining VitalSource’s product team in 2015, Scott built a career in higher education and professional training with Target and Education Management Corporation. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in video production, web design and digital animation from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona.

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Easy access to digital tools to support student success

Posted by Scott Gaspar on December 21, 2017

Easy access to digital tools to support student successAs a father or two young boys, I recently attended parent-teacher conferences where my children went through stations showing their recent work. When we reached the computer station, my techy self was appalled. Not because of antiquated technology, but because my son had to dig through a bag of 25 passwords to find the correct credentials for both the computer and his reading courseware. As I watched him dig to find his login details, I thought of how frustrating the process must be for teachers and students, and how much time is wasted that could be spent learning.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t much different in higher education. Applications from various providers all require different logins, passwords, access codes, or course keys. When we think about improving learning outcomes with adaptive learning, analytics, and personalization, we often forget that the first, and most important step, is making it easy for the learner to access these great new learning tools.

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