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Saying goodbye to 2020: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

The dos and don'ts of giving feedback: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

3 social media tricks to improve student engagement: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Change one thing – set an activity in your online lecture: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Student engagement and learning outcomes online: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Change one thing – how to enhance your video lectures: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Asynchronous learning – engaging your students anytime, anywhere: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Change one thing – navigating within your eTextbook: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Getting your students started: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Perspectives: David Dixon on the potential of digital disruption

Perspectives: Imperial College's Dr Sarah Grant on scalable and sustainable strategies for Higher Education

Perspectives: Digital strategy – taking your students with you

Perspectives: Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift (Webinar write up)

Perspectives: Jenny Campbell on achieving adaptability in healthy and effective ways

Perspectives: Khilona Radia on responding to the pandemic in South Africa

Perspectives: Strategic change – student led digital transformation

Perspectives: David Bozward on delivering technology enhanced learning in a time of crisis

Perspectives: The student view: online learning is essential in the new normal

Perspectives: Yasmina Mallam-Hassam on diversity and inclusion

Perspectives: A modern learning environment

Perspectives: Five ways to lead a digital transition in six weeks

Perspectives: Aurelie Soulier's recommendations for academic leadership

Perspectives: Scott Smith on transitioning to online learning, and supporting international students

Perspectives: Alistair McNaught on digital accessibility and the new world of online learning

The importance of feedback: Teach Online Toolkit Week 11

Creating interactive modules: Tips from Liz Smith: Teach Online Toolkit Week 10

Blended learning design: All the gear, no idea? (Webinar write up): Teach Online Toolkit Week 9

Preparing for next semester: Tips from lecturers at Oxford Brookes: Teach Online Toolkit Week 8

Group work: How to successfully connect your students to make remote learning feel less remote: Teach Online Toolkit Week 7

Academic services: How to support students on a remote campus: Teach Online Toolkit Week 6

Online lectures: Why students don't engage, and what you can do about it: Teach Online Toolkit Week 5

Tips from Aurelie Soulier, ed-tech consultant: Teach Online Toolkit Week 4

Video lectures – less stress, more learning: Teach Online Toolkit Week 3

Overcoming the challenges of online teaching: Teach Online Toolkit Week 2

3 tips for getting started with online teaching: Teach Online Toolkit Week 1

5 steps to a digital campus: Your checklist for day one and beyond

VitalSource: Supporting your transition to online learning

University Mental Health Day: is technology friend or foe?

Your metadata and VitalSource

VitalSource Digital Discovery Day, March 2020

Back to the future? Part II

Back to the future?

Are you keeping an eye on the health of your metadata?

The pick and mix of UK league tables

Metadata is more than a buzzword

How would you choose a university?

Why students choose to study abroad - and what that means for your institution

Apprenticeship Degrees: delivering the best of both worlds?

Growing without the growing pains: How educational institutions can manage the challenges of expansion in an uncertain environment

Time to change: Five ways to transform your student experience in six weeks

Choose wisely, communicate widely: How can universities work to become more accessible?

What does it mean for an eTextbook to be accessible?

What is web accessibility and why does it matter?

Where to find OER content

What is OER and how does it differ from open access?

The Widening Participation Series: Participation in the face of Brexit

The Change Management Series: Communication is key

The Widening Participation Series: The benefits of a digital strategy

The Change Management Series: How to overcome resistance to change

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