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Vanessa Boddington is Marketing Director EMEA and Asia Pacific at VitalSource. She has over 15 years experience in higher education, covering technology and publishing. Vanessa's previous roles include sales and marketing at McGraw-Hill Publishers where she headed the Higher Education marketing team and launched Connect and LearnSmart (online homework and adaptive learning products) to the European market. Vanessa has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies and spends her free time pounding the pavement in preparation for road races.

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Perspectives: Yasmina Mallam-Hassam on diversity and inclusion

Posted by Vanessa Boddington on August 06, 2020

How the digital disruption of Higher Education can boost inclusivity – and why it matters for your institution and your students

If your university is responding to the disruption of 2020 by investing in technology, it is worth considering whether your approach can boost inclusivity and diversity.

Higher education has always been more challenging for certain groups of students, because of gender, ethnicity, economic background. “Evidence suggests that an imbalance in diversity can lead to individuals from ethnic minorities feeling less included within their educational environment”, with research suggesting that BAME students’ sense of belonging can impact their university experience, including their likelihood of dropping out and overall attainment. In 2020, the gap in progression rates by age 19 between Free School Meal and non-Free School Meal pupils has increased to 18.8 percentage points - up 0.2 percentage points since last year and the highest gap since 2006/07.

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Perspectives: A modern learning environment

Posted by Vanessa Boddington on July 30, 2020

If your institution is introducing - or expanding its use of technology right now, it is likely that your number one priority is ensuring you can continue to deliver high quality teaching, whether or not you can bring your students together face-to-face. 

The transition to digital can appear overwhelming. Given the tight timelines and looming deadlines, it may be helpful to learn from institutions who have already taken that path.  The following lessons are drawn from a VitalSource case study from 2018.

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Perspectives: Five ways to lead a digital transition in six weeks

Posted by Vanessa Boddington on July 23, 2020

It is undeniable that COVID-19 has altered the higher education landscape, and that the reshaping of teaching and learning continues to dominate the minds of higher education leaders.

Now the period of emergency online teaching is coming to a close for the majority of universities worldwide, it is time for institutions to decide on the future of their course delivery. For many, this will be blended learning – a combination of face-to-face, on campus teaching, and online teaching. The introduction of blended learning may cause some of your staff and students some concern, particularly given the tight timelines. But the implementation of tech doesn’t need to be cumbersome and slow. It doesn’t need to cause problems for your teaching staff.  And it certainly does not have to diminish the student’s experience. With the right support and tools, technology can have the potential to provide quick wins that enhance the student experience, and even improve learning outcomes.  

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The importance of feedback: Teach Online Toolkit Week 11

Posted by Vanessa Boddington on June 25, 2020

With teaching semesters coming to an end, we are closing this section of the Teach Online Toolkit out by looking at feedback. Becky Hartnup looks at why is it so important for remote learners, and how can you can embed it, and Roy Speirs provides tips on giving good feedback.

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Overcoming the challenges of online teaching: Teach Online Toolkit Week 2

Posted by Vanessa Boddington on April 22, 2020

Are you suddenly having to transition to online teaching? We regularly interview university lecturers about their experiences, and it is normal to be apprehensive. Watch the video below for insights and tips. To hear more about how lecturers at UCEM incorporated digital into their teaching click here.

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