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VitalSource Digital Discovery Day, March 2020

Posted by Philip Rees on 26 February, 2020

DDDlogo-1Each year the VitalSource Digital Discovery Day brings contrasting voices from across the UK to explore the opportunities and challenges of technology in education. They have different backgrounds and perspectives, but all are looking to technology as a way to improve the experience and outcomes for their increasingly diverse students.

  • Senior leaders and eLearning managers, librarians and academics, publishers and analysts
  • From Russell Group universities to online-only providers
  • Institutions looking to build up their long-term, in-house expertise, and those wanting high levels of support and rapid turn-around
  • Institutions looking to build up their long-term, in-house expertise, and those wanting high levels of support and rapid turn-around



‘These kinds of conferences are very useful to establish we have very similar challenges right across the sector"

Jason Knight, Dean of Academic Development


This year our Digital Discovery Day theme is Excellent Learning Experiences for All.  Personalisation, ease of access, and the ability to measure results are powerful tools that technology brings to education. However, specific groups of students continue to report lower levels of satisfaction and wellbeing. They continue to experience lower levels of attainment, both in terms of their grades and eventual employment. This March, we explore how technology can support employability, access to core content, and student engagement. We will also be looking at how technology can be leveraged to support all students, including improving opportunities for BAME and widening participation students as well as increasing affordability and improving accessibility.


"Hearing the different perspectives has been really enlightening"
Catherine Stephen, Head of Client Services and Academic Engagement
University of Surrey


View agenda, including information on brand new research


Digital Discovery Day is a day of active learning with plenty of opportunities to share your own experiences and concerns, and to ask questions. The hope is that you’ll leave feeling better placed to make robust decisions, to plan, and to communicate effectively across your institution. Hear case studies and new research, student insights and learning design tips. Discover new business models and explore learning analytics.


"Its great to be able to hear some case studies and lessons from actual practitioners" 
Kate Worlock, VP/Lead Analyst


From LEGO challenges, escape rooms, and board games to group reflection and interaction, our Digital Discovery Days always offer plenty of space for developing new insights and building new connections as well gathering knowledge. We hope the experience will enable you to build stronger, more creative networks in Higher Education. Between institutions and publishers. Across individuals from different institutions and functional backgrounds. A strong, well-supported network is an important part of your institution’s infrastructure as it creates its own pathway through digital learning.


"It's definitely the people, it’s the networking, its finding new innovations"

Huw Alexander, COO


This year’s event takes place on 18th March just a few minutes from Euston Station. It runs from 10am to 4pm. The 10 confirmed speakers will address areas relating to the Higher Education Context, Delivering Excellence in Learning, Measuring Effectiveness, and Providing Access. You’ll hear updates from VitalSource, but also from institutions and industry experts. Lunch is provided and the event is followed by cocktails. 


Find out more and register

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