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Perspectives: Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift (Webinar write up)

Posted by Saskia Watts on September 17, 2020

Were you unable to attend the Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift webinar moderated by Becky Hartnup, and hosted by Alistair McNaught? The main points have been summarised here, along with the answers to any questions you may have around creating an accessible syllabus, and digitally inclusive learning experience.

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Perspectives: Alistair McNaught on digital accessibility and the new world of online learning

Posted by Alistair McNaught on July 02, 2020

“I had to make a choice,” she said. “I had enough time and energy to struggle with inaccessible content and complete my degree, or I had enough energy to sue the University for failing in their anticipatory duty. I didn’t have enough energy for both.”

This was a specific email exchange with the student. It provides an insight into what the Public Sector Bodies Web Accessibility regulations aims to achieve where previous legislation failed.

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