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Change one thing – how to enhance your video lectures: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Posted by Saskia Watts on November 05, 2020

Getting to grips with what may be a new way of teaching for you, can be overwhelming. When planning your video lectures, live or pre-recorded, it can be helpful to try one new technique, or incorporate one new feature of the tech you’re using each time. This way, it is easier to gauge the ease of use and efficacy for yourself and your students.

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Asynchronous learning – engaging your students anytime, anywhere: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

Posted by Becky Hartnup on October 29, 2020

It's tough to keep students motivated and engaged when they can't get together. So its not surprising that asynchronous activities, which have been the mainstay of online-only courses, are increasingly being incorporated to make traditional courses more satisfying at a time when students may be feeling demotivated or disappointed with their university experience.

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