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Tips from Aurelie Soulier, ed-tech consultant: Teach Online Toolkit Week 4

Posted by Aurélie Soulier on May 06, 2020

Keep it simple, keep it human and get help when you need it.

Aurélie Soulier, from Catalyst IT, shares her perspective on the benefits of education technology, and gives some advice to new users.

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Video lectures – less stress, more learning: Teach Online Toolkit Week 3

Posted by Becky Hartnup on April 30, 2020

Week 3: Video lectures

Welcome to week three in our series supporting lecturers and teaching staff in their rapid transition to remote teaching. In weeks one and two, we looked at some of the fundamental issues to consider at the outset. This week we focus on reducing the stress of video lectures, and making them more effective. While this diverges from the normal pathway of designing effective online learning, it does reflect the reality faced by many of you who are continuing to teach in these exceptional circumstances.

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Overcoming the challenges of online teaching: Teach Online Toolkit Week 2

Posted by Vanessa Boddington on April 22, 2020

Are you suddenly having to transition to online teaching? We regularly interview university lecturers about their experiences, and it is normal to be apprehensive. Watch the video below for insights and tips. To hear more about how lecturers at UCEM incorporated digital into their teaching click here.

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3 tips for getting started with online teaching: Teach Online Toolkit Week 1

Posted by Becky Hartnup on April 15, 2020

Educational establishments across the globe are rapidly responding to the current situation. The sudden shift to online teaching and learning is challenging for both staff and students. Each week, VitalSource will be posting regular written sessions that provide insights into best practice, tips on how to be an effective online teacher and practical activities to get you started. We’ve drawn from the experience of staff and students who have already made the transition to digital, and from wider research and industry reports into online teaching pedagogy and learning outcomes.

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