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Video lectures – less stress, more learning: Teach Online Toolkit Week 3

Posted by Becky Hartnup on 30 April, 2020

Week 3: Video lectures

Welcome to week three in our series supporting lecturers and teaching staff in their rapid transition to remote teaching. In weeks one and two, we looked at some of the fundamental issues to consider at the outset. This week we focus on reducing the stress of video lectures, and making them more effective. While this diverges from the normal pathway of designing effective online learning, it does reflect the reality faced by many of you who are continuing to teach in these exceptional circumstances.

  1. What do we mean by video lecture? Find out more, and consider which approach is the best fit for you, your institution, and your students. Visit Choosing your approach: Pre-recorded or Live Lecture.

  2. Find out more about how to manage the teaching strengths and weaknesses of each approach with Effective Pre-recorded Video Lectures and Effective Live Lectures. Use a combination of pre-recorded and live lectures to support different learning levels and outcomes.

  3. View our Video Lectures: Tips from an Expert for advice from Roy Spiers, Director of Programmes at Central Law Training.

  4. Avoid common set up problems with the Setting up your Video Lecture: Getting it right first time.

  5. Post your live videos online for those students who couldn’t attend – and for students to rewatch.

  6. Pair up with a colleague and check each other’s videos – this is much easier than critiquing your own and can provide some excellent suggestions.

  7. Use the Courses and Resources section for for more tips on technology.

Don’t put yourself under more pressure than you need to when starting out. The technology is there to help you overcome barriers to connecting with your students, not to create them. Keep it simple at first, then experiment more as you become confident. Its never a bad time to check in with your ed-tech team and your colleagues for tips. And please do continue to share your tips – and questions, either directly or in the comments section below.


bluequestion Choosing your approach: Pre-recorded or Live Lecture?

Consider which approach is the best fit for you, your institution and your students.

test1 Tips on creating effective Pre-Recorded Video Lectures 

Discover how to make the most of the positives and manage the negatives of pre-recorded video lectures.

customer_success Tips on creating effective Live Lectures 

Discover how to make the most of the positives and manage the negatives of lectures.

bluebulbTips from an expert

Read what Roy Spiers, Director of Programmes at Central Law Training has to say about developing online content.

product highlight Setting up your Video Lecture 
Follow these set-up tips to get it right first time.

online_research Courses and Resources 

Discover more courses and tips, on our living resources page!


Educational establishments across the globe are rapidly responding to the current situation. The sudden shift to online teaching and learning is challenging for both staff and students. Each week, VitalSource will be posting regular written sessions that provide insights into best practice, tips on how to be an effective online teacher and practical activities to get you started. We’ve drawn from the experience of staff and students who have already made the transition to digital, and from wider research and industry reports into online teaching pedagogy and learning outcomes.


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