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Data-Driven Content Insights for Publishers

Posted by Daniel Green on August 16, 2017

Data-Driven Content Insights for PublishersFor publishers and content creators, it’s all about learning: 
How does our content improve learning outcomes?
How can we ensure that the right content is in the right course?
Publishers and institutions agree on a simple formula: quality content, plus quality instruction, plus quality student engagement equal student success. Understanding exactly how students engage with content is key to improving each piece of this formula.

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How to be Accessible

Posted by Rick Johnson on March 08, 2017

Mention the word “accessibility” and it can mean different things to different people.

In the context of delivering learning content, one application of accessibility is ensuring the same content is equally available across different platforms and channels to students of all abilities.

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Welcome to our new blog - The VitalSource Resource!

Posted by Mike Hale, Ph.D. on August 31, 2016

Picture8.pngThe ways in which learners can consume and interact with educational content has dramatically changed and these changes are reflected in teaching and learning around the globe. At VitalSource our mission is to continue to improve the learning experience by making it easier to create and deliver effective and affordable educational content. We are passionate about accessibility, affordability and putting the right content in the hands of the learners at the right time.

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