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How do you protect your training content?

Posted by Allison Hart on July 27, 2017

In order to provide learners with the experience they expect, seamless access must be guaranteed from sign-on throughout the entire consumption process. Access must be anytime, anywhere, online, offline, and with any device. While this leads to a greatly improved learning experience, it does lead to new security concerns.

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What Learners Want

Posted by Allison Hart on July 12, 2017

Many people profess a nostalgic affinity for the print book. For them reading is a tactile experience and the notion of turning the physical page is part of that experience. Even as we move to a more digitally centric culture, there is still this pervasive notion of cuddling up and becoming engrossed in a good novel.

I can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone say the same about their professional training materials or carries the same level of nostalgia. They want more than what decidedly inferior print offers.

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