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Navigating the road to maturity

Posted by Allison Hart on October 18, 2017

Navigating the road to maturityIn previous blogs, I wrote about the importance of a digital professional learning program and aspects that made a program “mature.” But that still leaves the question of how to get there: what administrative steps must be taken to achieve maturity?

The answer to this question may be complex and varied depending on several factors, including the organization’s structure and goals for the content. However, there are some basic facets that must be addressed regardless of intended outcome:

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On the road to digital maturity

Posted by Allison Hart on October 04, 2017

On the Road to Digital MaturityToday’s learner is much different than the one we saw just a few years ago. It goes without saying they are much more digitally inclined and device dependent. In fact, recent research shows today’s learners check their smartphones nine times an hour. This reliance on mobile technology isn’t changing any time soon: our research found 36 percent of college students at four-year schools in the U.S. can’t go more than a minute without looking at their phones.

While this makes for great facts to drop in a cocktail-party conversation – or not, since everyone is on their phones – what does it mean for your organization’s learning program?

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