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Tips for a successful Inclusive Access program

Posted by Kyle McCann on May 23, 2019

Two women look at laptop. Photo by Brooke Cagle on UnsplashCourse materials formats and models are changing rapidly, and this means the store role is changing as well. With each passing term, stores tell us how they’re more deeply connected to all stakeholders on campus as they focus on student access, affordability, and outcomes through models like Inclusive Access. While many stores are off and running with the IA model, many more are just getting started. For those new to the model, a great way to navigate the changing landscape is to start small with a well-designed Inclusive Access pilot. This will set your store up for success, no matter the challenges you may face.

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Colorado State University: A shrinking footprint but a growing impact

Posted by Leann de Leon on April 08, 2019

Colorado State University: A shrinking footprint but a growing impactWhat do you get when you combine a declining retail footprint, reduced retail margin on thousands of materials, and lower prices? Would you believe the answer is more affordable textbooks and a thriving course materials business? That’s exactly what Kurt Kaiser and the team at the Colorado State University (CSU) Bookstore are experiencing. Their work to save students over $6 million in 2018 has captured lots of attention, including The Rocky Mountain Collegian and CTV 11, the CSU campus TV network.

I recently sat down with Kurt Kaiser, textbook manager at CSU, to talk about his store’s work to improve affordability and drive day-one access to learning materials.

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Tips for Teaching with Bookshelf

Posted by Blair Tuckman on August 01, 2018

300x300 A Master Class in Teaching Digital course materials are more robust, interactive, and valuable than many realize. Research shows that 60% of students feel that digital learning technology—like Bookshelf®, the world’s leading digital content platform—has improved their grades. Additionally, 88% believe they get better grades with interactive content vs. print.

But to maximize the impact of these tools, it takes an instructor who is comfortable teaching with digital. One way to achieve this is to learn from other instructors like Hannah Mullis, Adjunct Instructor of Communication at William Peace University.

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Op-ed: The villain cheating students and faculty

Posted by Mike Hale, Ph.D. on July 02, 2018

This op-ed was originally published on eCampus News on June 13, 2018.

Op-ed: The villain cheating students and facultyThere is a pervasive villain that strikes at the very heart of higher education. Its wound is painless yet powerful; victims don’t even know their academic life has been crippled until it’s too late. 

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Best Practices for Integrating Digital Materials Into Your Course

Posted by Blair Tuckman on May 09, 2018

Best Practices for Integrating Digital Materials Into Your CourseNearly all college students, 92 percent to be exact, believe that digital textbooks have advantages over traditional textbooks, but studies find that faculty are more reluctant than their students to transition to digital. To meet these needs, faculty must learn to integrate digital into the classroom—but many don’t know where to start or how best to use the available tools.

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