The VitalSource Resource

The VitalSource Resource

Transparency that Empowers

Posted by Rick Johnson on March 13, 2019

Transparency that EmpowersFor years, I have highlighted VitalSource’s goals for accessible content. Today, I'm very excited to share that, through thoughtful partnerships and collaboration with many partners, VitalSource is now able to solve a critical issue for our users.

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VitalSource Cares: Volunteering with RailsBridge

Posted by Graham Turner on March 11, 2019

VitalSource Cares: Volunteering with RailsBridgeThis past weekend, I had the chance to spend two days helping people build their first web application. There are few things as exciting as seeing someone interact with an application that they built and they control. Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t been exposed to programming, or think it is too difficult. But thanks to programs like RailsBridge, and supporters like VitalSource®, more people are being given the chance to learn what they are capable of.

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