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Add Content to Your Course with One Click

Posted by Rainna Erikson on November 15, 2017

Add Content to Your Course with One ClickVitalSource is committed to day-one success for faculty and students. In an earlier post we wrote about how to set your course up to facilitate this success (and hosted a webinar on the same topic). Today, we go a step further in making your course setup even easier using our Inclusive Access program.

Inclusive Access is a popular content delivery mechanism that VitalSource has supported for more than 10 years that gives your students access to all their digital materials on day one at a reduced rate. Right now, if you have an Inclusive Access program through VitalSource, we work with your campus Bookstore to ensure all adopted books are available in your learning management system (LMS) of “how do I get my content into my specific course shell?”

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The value of Bookshelf: A student perspective

Posted by Alex Terry on October 31, 2017

The value of Bookshelf: A student perspectiveAs an undergrad, I went to a public university and, like most students, heavily relied on textbooks to complete and be successful in my studies. Early in my academic career, I found VitalSource as a source for my textbooks – in a digital format – and my study habits were forever changed.

I am now in my master’s program and I use VitalSource Bookshelf every day. I log in to VitalSource on my Mac, open OneNote, put each program side-by-side on my screen and use the integration between the two programs to take notes on the chapter at hand.

There are so many good things about Bookshelf, but there are two main features that I love the most.

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Learning: Harnessing the power of mobile

Posted by John Donovan on April 21, 2017

Post originally ran in SmartChimps on April 7, 2017

Everyday our university students head to lectures with a staggering amount of computing power in their hands. In fact, the latest iPhone or Galaxy could guide 120,000,000 Apollo spacecrafts (the one that the US space programme landed on the moon in 1969) simultaneously. If the guidance system was available as a download from the App Store or the Google Play Store – and you had the time and inclination – you could put 64,000,000 copies of the programme on a 256-gigabyte mobile device. And they easily fit in a coat pocket or a rucksack.

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